3 Reasons You Should Have Your Chimney Cleaned Twice a Year

Many new homeowners when purchasing their home wonder about maintaining their fireplace. A lot of them do not realize their chimney needs to be cleaned as well as the fireplace. There are many reasons you should have your chimney professionally cleaned twice a year....

So You Wanna Cook a Good Meal in Your Fireplace?

We, humans, owe a lot to fire. It kills bacteria and closes wounds and provides head in the cold. It’s been used in agriculture via slash and burn, in war ala explosives, and in death to cremate the dearly departed. It symbolizes war, hate, anger, and destruction...

Helping Santa down the Chimney.

What’s in my chimney? Chimney Pest Removal. The many things that could be coming down your chimney and how to deal with them.

To Be a Flame Whisperer: The Secrets of Smoke

Smoke is likely the first thing to come to mind when associating with chimneys. However, not many people know that smoke is essentially the language of the flame. Its intentions and behaviors are within the plume of smoke. Should you learn to read it, you may call...

Downdraft: A Common Enemy

The identification of downdraft and the detailing of what it entails for those faced with it. Before offering a few solutions and preventative measures to the problem.