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Chimney Sweeping the Baton Rouge area for over 30 years!

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Why Choose Sootmaster?

We value your experience with us more than anything, which is why we have the most respectful and knowledgeable team. We will do our best to give you fair pricing and quality services while being as safe as possible!

For Over 30 years, Sootmaster has focused on perfecting their work on chimney and fireplace systems. We have many professionally trained technicians who are prepared and eager to assist you with any problem your chimney and fireplace might present, from standard sweeps to ground-up installations, Sootmaster’s expert technicians can get the job done.



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At Sootmaster Chimney Sweeps of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, your satisfaction is our priority. We have spent the last 30 years perfecting our craft and earning an excellent reputation with those we have met. We hold our technicians to the highest standard of training as well as follow the PCGAEPA, and USFA’s recommendations. It is for these reasons we offer 10-year warranties on most of our services.

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Servicing Baton Rouge and The Surrounding Areas

Servicing Baton Rouge and The Surrounding Areas!

Chimney Inspection

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to have a chimney cleaned when there's nice carpet around it?

Our professionals take great care to protect the homes of our customers. Leaving our workspace clean and beautiful is as important to us as the quality chimney care we provide.

How long does it take for a team to arrive after requesting a visit?

We can typically make it to your home within 3-4 days of your initial call.

Do chimneys for gas fires need serviced?

Definitely; all flues can get blocked by debris from animals and exhaust from the fire can cause corrosive buildup. There is also risk that the venting system isn't working properly if the gas stove was installed after the chimney. The installers are not necessarily interested in making sure the system is acceptable as much as getting it installed.

How often should my chimney be swept?

Each chimney and fireplace is different, so there's no perfect answer. The easiest way to know when your chimney needs cleaned is to have it inspected annually as recommended by the NFPA.

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