Worried About Chimney Leaks & Animals? Have A Chimney Cap Installed

Even though we’re here for all your chimney needs, the idea is to never have to call us. You want to know that your chimney is protected against water and animals, all year long. A chimney cap can give you that confidence.

Here at Sootmaster, we carry

  • Copper chimney caps,
  • Copper chimney pots pots, and
  • Multi-flue caps
    For any home style or chimney size, we’ve got you covered. 

Why Copper?

Copper is a strong and durable metal that can stand up to years of rain. Unlike aluminum, copper won’t rust or corrode which leaves your chimney stained and susceptible to leaks. Copper caps and pots will only get better looking with time. Homeowners love the patina look that develops, and so do we!

Chimney Caps vs Chimney Pots

A chimney cap and a chimney pot serve the same purpose; chimney pots are just a bit more decorative. Both will cover the flue opening and prevent water from entering the chimney at this vulnerable point.

Is A Missing Or Damaged Chimney Cap Behind Your Chimney Leak?

A missing or rusted chimney cap is a common cause of chimney leaks. Are you looking for a new cap that will last years? Let Sootmaster help. Our experts can come out and measure your chimney to ensure a perfect fit.

Request an appointment through our online scheduling form right here on our website. We’ll send a first-class chimney professional right to your door. We’re here to help our neighbors in Pensacola and beyond in any way we can!