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With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Sootmaster Chimney Sweep Birmingham Alabama takes pride in delivering the utmost satisfaction when it comes to servicing your chimney and fireplace system.

Our team is dedicated to providing you with the best experience possible, ensuring that your chimney is in optimal condition and your fireplace functions flawlessly.

“Nobody gets there faster than us or better prepared. Over 100 years of combined experience!”

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Chimney Sweep Birmingham, AL– What to Expect

Here at Sootmaster Chimney Sweeps of Birmingham, Alabama, your satisfaction is our priority. We have spent the last 30 years perfecting our craft and earning a great reputation with those we have had the pleasure of meeting. At Sootmaster Chimney Sweep Birmingham, we hold our chimney sweeps to the highest standard of training as well as follow the EPA and USFA’s recommendations. It is for these reasons we offer 10-year warranties on most of our services. To find out which services or to schedule a warranty appointment, call us at (205) 267-5305

Who is Sootmaster Chimney Sweep Birmingham, AL?

Sootmaster Chimney Sweep of Birmingham Alabama is ready to service all your chimney and fireplace needs. From sweeps to entire installations our highly trained technicians are here to help you with any of your fireplace needs or problems. We look forward to helping in any way we can and becoming your chimney sweep in Birmingham, AL For any questions you have, get in touch with us by calling (205) 267-5305 or visiting our contact page!

Thus, our professional chimney sweeps give you top-quality safety inspections and service to lower that risk. And will give you a detailed report to keep you informed about the condition of your fireplace. We are a recognized company that is bonded, licensed, and insured, for your protection and peace of mind. We care for your home and possessions by using industrial tarps to cover items and a HEPA-certified ash vacuum to clean out any soot and ash from your fireplace and chimney and we have a clean guarantee to back up our work.

That’s Why at Sootmaster Chimney Sweep Birmingham We:

  • Always call in advance with any hold-ups or inconveniences
  • Keep the fireplace area as clean as we found it by tarping off the fireplace area and using vacuums made to collect falling debris.
  • Have the quickest response times in Birmingham!

We carry a clean guarantee to ensure our customer’s homes will be just as clean when we leave as when we found them. We offer quality work at reasonable prices and the quickest response time in the industry.

We install all of the following

Since our goal is to aim to make sure that each customer gets maximum enjoyment and long service life from their chimneys and fireplaces, we only sell and install the best stoves, prefab fireplaces, and chimney and hearth accessories available.

We’ve put in the hard work of researching and testing these products and brands, and we know what’s going to last and provide you with the most enjoyment. Whatever you may be looking for, we’re confident we can provide it.

Chase Covers: Protect Your Chimney in Style

At SootMaster, we offer premium chase covers to protect your chimney chase from weather damage. Made with durable stainless steel, our chase covers are customized to fit your chimney perfectly, ensuring comprehensive protection against moisture and wildlife intrusion. Not only do they provide functional security, but they also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home with a range of stylish designs to choose from.

Our expert technicians will install your chase cover securely, preventing any issues caused by loose or ill-fitting covers. Invest in a high-quality chase cover from SootMaster and enjoy a protected chimney that adds an attractive touch to your home’s exterior. Contact us today to learn more and safeguard your chimney with our reliable and visually appealing chase covers.

Lock-Top & Lyemance Dampers: Enhancing Efficiency and Safety

SootMaster offers Lock-Top and Lyemance dampers as part of our chimney solutions. These dampers improve efficiency and safety. Lock-Top Dampers feature stainless steel construction and an airtight seal to prevent heat loss and drafts. With an easy-to-use pull chain, you can control airflow and temperature. Lyemance Dampers, made of cast-aluminum, provide exceptional energy efficiency, reducing air leakage and heat loss. Both dampers enhance safety by sealing off your chimney, preventing blockages and damage.

Our skilled professionals ensure proper damper installation for maximum performance. Upgrade your chimney with Lock-Top or Lyemance dampers from SootMaster. Experience improved efficiency, reduced heat loss, and enhanced safety. Contact us today to learn more and schedule an installation that transforms your chimney’s performance.

Chimney Caps: Protecting Your Chimney with Style

SootMaster offers a range of high-quality chimney caps designed to shield your chimney from the elements. Crafted with durable materials like stainless steel, our caps provide long-lasting protection against rain, snow, and moisture, preventing potential damage and deterioration. Additionally, they feature mesh screens or spark arrestors to keep wildlife and debris out of your chimney, reducing blockages and fire hazards.

Our chimney caps not only offer reliable protection but also add a touch of style to your home. With various designs to choose from, you can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your chimney while ensuring optimal functionality. Our expert technicians ensure a customized fit by taking precise measurements, ensuring a secure and effective installation.

Protect your chimney in style with a high-quality chimney cap from SootMaster. Contact us today to learn more about our selection and safeguard your chimney from the elements with confidence.

Fireplace Doors: Enhancing Safety and Efficiency

SootMaster is pleased to offer a range of fireplace doors that not only enhance the visual appeal of your fireplace but also provide increased safety and improved energy efficiency. Our fireplace doors are designed to create a protective barrier between the flames and your living space, reducing the risk of sparks, embers, and hot debris from escaping the fireplace.

Safety is paramount when it comes to enjoying the warmth and beauty of a fireplace, and our fireplace doors offer an added layer of protection. With their sturdy construction and heat-resistant glass panels, they provide a barrier that prevents accidental contact with the flames, minimizing the risk of burns and injuries. Additionally, the glass panels act as a shield, preventing drafts from entering the room and ensuring a controlled and efficient burn.

Prefab Fireplaces: Convenient Heating Solutions

Prefab fireplaces offer a hassle-free and efficient heating option for homeowners. These factory-built fireplaces can be easily installed, saving time and minimizing construction work. With insulated fireboxes and optimized chimney systems, prefab fireplaces maximize heat output and minimize heat loss, providing efficient warmth throughout your home. They also come in various styles and finishes, allowing you to choose a design that complements your home’s aesthetic.

Upgrade your home with a convenient and efficient prefab fireplace. Whether for new constructions or retrofits, these fireplaces provide a cozy atmosphere while saving you time and enhancing energy efficiency. Contact us today to explore our selection of prefab fireplaces and find the perfect heating solution for your home.

Birmingham Alabama, We Can Help!

Whether your aim is to keep water and animals out of your chimney; save on utilities and prevent conditioned air loss; make cleanup easier; ensure your home is equipped with proper fire alarms and smoke detectors; improve draft and eradicate smoke problems; or enjoy a new fireplace, or a wood stove,  ask the Sootmaster!

We’re industry and installation experts that are here to answer your questions, provide honest, upfront communication, and offer tips on how to best maintain and enjoy your fireplace or stove.

Worried about your property? Don’t be! We’re respectful of your property and protect furniture and flooring throughout our service. We’re also respectful of your time and will call ahead with expected show times or delays. Don’t worry — we’re a chimney company that actually cares about our customers!

For no-pressure, high-quality, professional fireplace care and installations, call on the Sootmaster. Whatever you decide, you can count on us for all your chimney and fireplace needs. 

Chimney Sweep Birmingham al

Chimney Sweep Near Birmingham, AL

Birmingham is a city locate in north central region of Alabama, with a population of 212,297, it is the biggest city in Alabama and it is know for its rich history and its storys.

Birmingham Civil Rights Institute

“The Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, part of the Birmingham Civil Rights National Monument and an affiliate of the Smithsonian Institution, is a cultural and educational research center that promotes a comprehensive understanding for the significance of civil rights developments in Birmingham.  Celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2017, BCRI reaches more than 150,000 individuals each year though award-winning programs and services.”


Vulcan Park and Museum

“Vulcan is the world’s largest cast iron statue; made of 100,000 pounds of iron and 56 feet tall, he stands at the top of Red Mountain overlooking the city of Birmingham. But Vulcan is more than just a statue—Vulcan Park and Museum features spectacular views of Birmingham, an interactive comprehensive history museum that examines Vulcan and Birmingham’s story, a premier venue for private events and a beautiful public park for visitors and locals to enjoy. With an official information center operated by the Greater Birmingham Convention and Visitors Bureau, Vulcan Park and Museum serves as the first stop for visitors to the Birmingham area!”


What's New in Birmingham

This winter will be colder than other winters prior, this can become even worse if your chimney is not up to date and ready to go for this cold season. For more info about this read or blog or the Alabama News Journal!

Ensuring Safe Chimneys in Birmingham

Sootmaster Chimney Sweep Birmingham prioritizes clean and safe chimneys, providing comprehensive chimney cleaning and maintenance services for homeowners in Birmingham. With over 30 years of experience, their expert technicians adhere to the recommendations of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the United States Fire Administration (USFA), ensuring the highest standard of service.

Homeowners often overlook hidden issues in their chimneys, but neglecting maintenance can lead to serious consequences. Sootmaster understands this and emphasizes the importance of periodic chimney maintenance to ensure safety and healthy indoor air quality. Sootmaster’s skilled technicians thoroughly inspect and clean chimneys, removing soot, creosote, and debris that can pose fire hazards. This not only improves chimney performance but also enhances the efficiency of the heating system, providing a warm and cozy environment during colder months.

The company’s commitment to customer satisfaction extends to protecting homes and belongings during the cleaning process. They use industrial tarps and specialized ash vacuums to ensure cleanliness and minimize any inconvenience to customers. In addition to chimney cleaning, Sootmaster offers comprehensive chimney inspections. Their professional chimney sweeps assess chimneys for cracks, leaks, and structural damage, providing detailed reports to keep homeowners informed about the condition of their chimneys.

With a long-standing presence in Birmingham, Sootmaster Chimney Sweep has earned a reputation for delivering top-quality services. Trust them to prioritize your home’s safety, efficiency, and peace of mind. Let Sootmaster take care of your chimney needs, ensuring clean and safe chimneys that adhere to industry standards set by the EPA and USFA.

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