Invest In A Fireplace Damper That Offers & Does More

Fireplace dampers have traditionally been constructed of metal and installed just above the firebox. While these “throat dampers” can provide years of service, there’s a lot they don’t do well. For one, when closed, the damper seal is simply metal against metal, which isn’t airtight. This would explain why, even when your damper is closed, you feel cold or hot air (depending on the season) coming in from outside. Secondly, because they’re right in the heat of the fire, dampers can get covered in creosote and soot. As a result, the damper will end up damaged or stuck in place. But what’s the alternative?

If your damper is broken or damaged, or you want to stop outside air from coming in. If you want to give your chimney added protection against leaks and energy waste, ask the Sootmaster about Lock-Top or Lyemance dampers. Both dampers are installed at the top of the flue rather than in the throat, and both can save you money on utilities and keep your home cozier. Here’s a little bit of info on each:

  • Lock-Top Dampers — Lock-Top dampers have a silicone rubber gasket, which allows them to truly seal the flue tight. By doing this, these dampers put a stop to conditioned air loss and downdrafts. They also keep rain and animals out, and are easily opened and closed using a mounted handle. Aside from the rubber gasket, these dampers are constructed of stainless steel and cast aluminum, which means you can expect your new Lock-Top damper to last and last — they even carry a factory lifetime warranty!
  • Lyemance Dampers — Lyemance dampers, like Lock-Top dampers, are installed at the top of the chimney flue, and work to effectively close off and seal the chimney flue against water and animal intruders. These low-profile dampers are made of a solid, non-rusting aluminum and can’t be opened by strong winds or animals. How do you open and close it? With a cable that’s easily reachable inside your fireplace. And with the lifetime warranty these dampers carry, you can be confident you’ll enjoy a lifetime of lower utilities.

Both dampers also eradicate the need for a chimney cap.

Sounds great, right? Lose your wasteful and inefficient throat damper and invest in a Lock-Top or Lyemance damper and start enjoying energy savings today. Call 1-800-724-5021 or reach out to us here on our website to request an appointment to have your damper replaced — we’re here to help!


Gas logs may be just the thing to give you the convenience and ambiance you’re looking for in your fireside enjoyment. Ask about the installation details.


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