Invest In A Fireplace Damper That Offers & Does More

Traditional “throat dampers are made of metal and installed above the firebox. This type of damper is not airtight or energy efficient. They also get covered in creosote and soot which can make them be damaged or stuck.

Ask the Sootmaster about a fireplace damper. Both dampers are installed at the top of the flue rather than in the throat Both can save you money on utilities and keep your home cozier. Here’s a little bit of info on each:

  • Lock-Top Dampers Lock-Top dampers have a silicone rubber gasket, so they’ll truly seal your chimney.  They also keep rain and animals out, and are easily opened and closed using a mounted handle. These dampers are constructed of stainless steel and cast aluminum, which is very durable. They even carry a factory lifetime warranty!
  • Lyemance DampersLyemance dampers are also installed at the top of the chimney flue, and work to close off and seal the chimney flues. These low-profile dampers are made of a solid, non-rusting aluminum and can’t be opened by strong winds or animals. You can oepn and close it with an accessible cable inside your fireplace. A lifetime warranty also guarantees you’ll stay protected.

Both dampers eliminate the need for a chimney cap.

Invest in a Lock-Top or Lyemance damper and start enjoying energy savings today. Call 888-768-0818 or reach out to us here on our website to request an appointment to have your fireplace damper replaced — we’re here to help!