Is Your Chimney Flashing To Blame For Your Water Leak?

The Chimney flashing at the base of your chimney plays a key role in leak prevention. When the flashing is layered  professionally, it protects this vulnerable area of the home. But damaged or poorly installed flashing is likely to cause leaks. Ask the Sootmaster about our flashing repairs and preventive services!

If you need all your flashing replaced or just a partial re-flash, our team can take care of it. We use long-lasting metal flashing that’s designed to stand up to the strong storms we often get here. Our signature methods prevent water pooling and corrosion.  

Protect Your Chimney Flashing & Prevent Future Water Leaks With FlashSeal

It only takes one chimney leak to know how frustrating they are. That’s why we also recommend protecting your flashing against leaks with ChimneySaver’s FlashSeal. FlashSeal is a product designed to protect the flashing against rusting and water damage by providing a waterproof seal. When professionally applied it provides 7 years of guaranteed protection.

Black, brown, and white color options allow you to keep an unaltered look on your chimney.

Request An Appointment Today & We’ll Stop That Leak In Its Tracks

Ready to put a stop to that water leak and keep your chimney dry in the future? You can find your local Sootmaster for your area via our area service page. You can request an appointment here, and we’ll send a first-class chimney professional right to your door.



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