Enhance Your Hearth With Glass Fireplace Doors

Want to enhance the appearance and performance of your fireplace? You can reduce conditioned air loss and stray sparks with glass fireplace doors.

Adding fireplace doors is a great way to bring safety and style to your home.  Glass doors provide an airtight seal and keep the heat inside the fireplace They also work to radiate that heat out into the room so you stay cozier. Your glass fireplace doors will also prevent downdrafts and keep curious pets and children out of harm’s reach.

With Design Specialties, you’ll be choosing from the best options out there. Design Specialties offers custom glass fireplace doors for both masonry and prefabricated fireplaces. They have 35 different finish options. No matter what style you’re after, we’re confident we have something you’ll love.

Let’s recap! With glass doors you’ll enjoy:

  • a better burn and higher heat output
  • a reduction in conditioned air loss
  • protection against stray sparks
  • added style and enjoyment


For Professional Installation & A Perfect Fit, Call Sootmaster

What are you waiting for? Let Sootmaster help you revamp your fireplace!. Call 888-768-0818 or reach out to us through our website today! Don’t block the view of the fire with a mesh screen or freestanding screen — enhance it with glass fireplace doors!


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