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Chimney and Fireplace Sweeping

Your #1 Choice For Thorough & Mess-Free Chimney & Fireplace Sweeping

Homes are a place to feel safe, warm, and relaxed; fireplaces are an important piece of that feeling. But is your fireplace secure? Sootmaster is here to ensure your chimney and fireplace are ready to burn. Schedule your annual clean by a professional chimney technician and fireplace sweeping expert. 

Why are chimney and fireplace sweeps so important?

Ash and creosote form when you burn a fire. These can make their way to the walls of the fireplace and chimney flue, eating away at the clay tiles. This can cause deterioration and eventually a chimney fire. 

We provide thorough and efficient chimney and fireplace sweeping services throughout the Gulf Coast Areas of Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama. We’re honored to have the opportunity to make home maintenance easy and stress-free for residents in these communities.

What To Expect During A Chimney Sweeping

When we’re called on to perform a chimney sweeping, we show up on time and ready to get started. First, we’ll run through the entire process with you and answer any questions you may have. Next, we’ll protect your furniture and flooring, set up our cleaning and dust control equipment. Then we begin cleaning the chimney and attached appliance from top to bottom. From creosote and ash to bird nests, we’ll make sure everything’s out of your chimney so you can enjoy your fireplace. We use video inspection equipment to determine the level of buildup and check for damage and blockages. We’ll provide you with before and after pictures of your chimney so you know the job was done right.

For No-Mess, High-Quality Work, Call On Sootmaster

Looking for mess-free, stress-free chimney and fireplace sweeping services? Call on Sootmaster! We’re committed to being your go-to chimney and venting care company and to always providing you with fair, honest, up-front, and courteous service. Request your appointment today by calling 888-768-0818 or by using our online appointment request form.

Regular chimney and fireplace inspections can catch problems at an early stage to avoid more costly repairs down the road. Ask about our other chimney and fireplace services that will help keep you and your family cozy and safe.