With Our Expert Dryer Vent Services, You Can Enjoy A Safer & More Energy-Efficient Home

You may be wondering, “What business does a chimney sweep have with my dryer vents?” Well, venting systems and fire safety are our specialties, so it’s only logical that we include dryer vent care in our list of services. Expert tools and knowledge, as well as proper equipment and commitment to maintaining a clean home, are all imperative, and at Sootmaster, you’re guaranteed all three. So what can we do for your dryer vents?

Lint Alert System Installation & Dryer Vent Cleaning

Lint buildup is the cause of dozens of house fires every year, and most homeowners don’t even know there’s a problem. They clean out their lint traps before and after every load, so why should there be a problem? Well, the fact of the matter is, your lint trap can’t capture every last bit of lint. Some of that lint, hair, and debris will settle in your dryer vents, especially in corners and nooks.

As the vents get more and more crowded with lint, the airflow going to the attached clothes dryer is reduced, and the dryer has to work harder to dry your items. You’ll find yourself going to the dryer for another cycle and boosting the temperature again and again, which isn’t just a strain on your schedule and patience, but also on your clothes dryer and your laundry.

If a dirty dryer vent is wasting time, utilities, and putting a damper on your social life, we can help by cleaning out the vents — from the dryer to the end cap. Our team uses expert equipment to get the job done and will capture every last bit of lint and debris we remove.

So is there a hard and fast rule for when dryer vents should be cleaned? Unfortunately, no. Cleaning frequency will range based on the use, the dryer, etc. But with a lint alert system, you’ll always know when a dryer vent cleaning is needed.

Lint alert systems rely on air pressure sensors and on-board computers to evaluate your system and alert you, the homeowner, to changes in pressure and airflow within your vents. Air pressure can be affected by lint buildup, animal nests, and damage to the venting, but whatever the problem is, you’ll know about it.

Not only will the LED lights indicate when the system is performing optimally, but they’ll also alert you to when a cleaning is suggested, and when the use of the dryer vents is actually dangerous. All of the LED lights will flash and an audio alarm will sound when obstructions are present or safety is compromised, so you’ll never be in the dark.

End Cap Change Out

We also change out end caps. A damaged or ineffective end cap can allow birds and animals to make their way into the dryer vents, bringing nesting materials and other obstructions with them. A quality end cap will eradicate nesting animal worries and help you keep your dryer vents clean and clear — and those of us here at Sootmaster guarantee a quality installation.

Enjoy A Safer, More Energy-Efficient Home — Call On Sootmaster

If you’re interested in having a new end cap or lint alert system installed, or you think it may be time to schedule a dryer vent cleaning, give us a call at 850-712-3470 or reach out to us through our website today. We’re committed to helping you enjoy a safer, more energy-efficient home!


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