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What to Expect

At Sootmaster Chimney Sweep Pensacola FL, we have a great reputation for quality service. With over 25 years of exceptional service, our customer is our top priority. Our team is committed to taking care of your home. We call ahead to confirm arrival and delays. Additionally, we provide before and after photos of our work.

We’re a friendly team that will focus on your needs and concerns to make sure that the job is done right. Building a relationship with you is our priority. Therefore, from simple tips to detailed advice on fireplace installations, your local chimney sweep is here to help.

What We Offer

Sootmaster Chimney Sweep Pensacola FL provides a number of great services to our customers. Each one of our technicians is professionals in their field and offers years of experience. A number of different services we offer are:

Chimney Sweep: SootMaster Pensacola uses specials tools to clean your chimney. Our team will do everything to ensure the functionality of your chimney.
Water Leak Repairs: We only use the best materials and promise to provide the best quality water leak repairs. We offer flashing, chimney caps, and more.
Animal Removal: Animal Removal is one of our priorities, and our caring team will ensure the animal removal process is humane.
Masonry Repairs: Sootmaster Chimney Repair Pensacola offers several different masonry repairs. For example, we offer tuckpointing, chimney flue repair, flue relining, and more.
Fireplace repairs: After a thorough inspection of your fireplace by one of our professionals, we will make suggestions to ensure the maximum efficiency of your fireplace.
Fireplace Installations: Sootmaster Chimney Sweep Pensacola offers several types of fireplace installation. For instance, we can install simple fireplaces, but we can also install ash dump doors, wood stoves, and other products. Contact us for more information!
Storm Damage Repair
Summer is here and it will bring heavy rain and storms. While Florida is known as the Sunshine State, it is also one of the rainiest states. With storms comes damage, and chimneys suffer some of the worst damage during storms. They can become damaged from rain, wind, and even lightning.

Sootmaster Chimney Sweeps of Pensacola FL is your local chimney expert in storm damage repair

Here are some common repairs after heavy storms strike, and some things you should be looking for with your chimney:

Cracked masonry or missing bricks.
Damaged flashing
Missing or damaged chimney caps.
Missing or damaged chase covers.
If your home has suffered damage during this summer, call Sootmaster Chimney Sweeps of Pensacola FL today! We will help assess the damage and create the best plan for repairs. Putting repairs off can jeopardize the integrity of your home and its safety.

Pensacola lighthouse

Explore Pensacola

Quirky but surprising town, Pensacola is constantly changing. There is the beach, the Blue Angels, and an amazing downtown area, but there is more to the story. This is where turbines for wind generators are made and there is an ‘international’ airport. This airport means where you can go through customs without the hassles of a major city bug. There is also the National Naval Aviation Museum, one of the Top-20 museums in the country. Pensacola is a very large military hub with a naval base near downtown and three others in a matter of twenty to fifty minutes away.

Pensacola Naval Aviation Museum

“Experience the magic of flight at the National Naval Aviation Museum! See over 4,000 artifacts and 150 aircraft representing Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard Aviation. Ride the flight simulators or catch all the drama and power of amazing IMAX films. Dine in the authentic Cubi Bar Cafe and take home the spirit of Naval Aviation with a unique memento from the Flight Deck Store. Spend a cool day inside the Museum and experience Hands-on-History! New Naval Air Station Entrance: All visitors to the National Naval Aviation Museum, Fort Barrancas and Pensacola Lighthouse who do not possess a Department of Defense identification card or are unescorted by the holder of a Department of Defense identification card will be required to enter the installation via the West Gate located off Blue Angel Parkway.” –Tripadvisor

Pensacola Beach

“Pensacola Beach’s mild temperature, sugar-white beaches, and crystal clear waters draw beach lovers, fishing enthusiasts and environmentalists alike. Anchored at the western tip of Florida, stretching miles along the Gulf of Mexico, this barrier island offers you a range of experiences. From lively crowds at its lifeguarded main beaches to the quiet, secluded beaches of Gulf Islands National Seashore and the corridors of historic Fort Pickens, you’re sure to find your perfect spot in the sand.” –

The Pensacola Museum of Art

The Pensacola Museum of Art presents engaging cross-disciplinary exhibitions, educational programming, and stewards a growing collection of modern and contemporary art of the nineteenth, twentieth, and twenty-first centuries. The museum aims to promote the understanding and appreciation of art and ideas to audiences in the Northwest Florida region and beyond. We endeavor to create a dialogue between university and community audiences by engendering experiences of joy, discovery, and creativity through diverse perspectives, and the transdisciplinary interactions of art, culture, the humanities, science, and technology.

Fort Pickens

Fort Pickens is one of four military forts designed to protect Pensacola in the 1800s. Located on Pensacola Beach on the Gulf Islands National Seashore, Fort Pickens is accessible by foot and boat and is open year-round from sunrise to sunset. Entrance fees are required and collected upon admittance into the park. The Fort Pickens area is anchored by the historic landmark and offers many recreational activities including fishing both from the shore and the pier, exploring trails and the fort, birdwatching, camping and so much more. A visitor information center is located at the west end of the island and includes a history museum on the area.

large house with chimneys in summer

The Best Time to Have your Chimney Swept: Summer

Look, we get it. You're planning your summer vacation, working long hours to make that vacation a reality, and you're even working on some home improvement projects (looking at you Dad). The last thing that is on your mind is having your chimney serviced.   It's summer. It's hot. The cold months are far away, especially for the south. So why is summer the best time to have your chimney swept?   1. You catch major problems early One of the biggest things we hear in the chimney industry is 'Man, I wish I would've known sooner.' Summer is the perfect opportunity to have your chimney swept because it allows you to find major problems before winter hits and you need your chimney working properly.   2. Water Leaks Happen Mostly During the Summer. Major storms occur during the summer, and this can cause severe water damage to your chimney. We don't feel the need to belabor water damage,...
Lit Fireplace

Benefits of A Lock-Top Damper

What is a damper? A fireplace damper is normally located at least 8 inches above the firebox opening. The damper acts as a door separating the chimney and the inside of your home, allowing the smoke to exit when open. When the damper is closed, it prevents downdrafts from entering your home. Are you aware of what kind of damper you have on your chimney? If not, it is worth it to find out because your leaky throat damper could be costing you hundreds of dollars a year in energy loss. Read more below to find out why and what you can do to prevent this. Problems with Traditional Throat Dampers Traditional dampers were designed for times when energy was not nearly as expensive as today. These throat dampers cause several problems because they are made completely out of metal. Throat dampers are sealed by metal to metal closure, which allows hot and cold air to leak through. Due to this...
dilapidated house with chimney leak issues in the woods

Reasons for Chimney Leaks

Chimney leaks are a common problem often caused by a number of reasons. Chimney inspections are very important because they can help detect leaks early enough before they become worse. Here is what you can do to fix chimney leak issues. Chimney Leaks Cause #1: Your Chimney Lacks a Cap or Cover One of the major causes for a leaking chimney is that the chimney does not have a cover or cap on it. When your chimney has no cover on it, it is exposed to rain, debris from leaves, as well as animals. Consequently, several animals can enter or fall straight down inside. As well, a chase cover or cap can protect your chimney from rain and snow. While a blocked chimney can lead to a chimney fire, a clogged chimney does not release smoke which leads to possible carbon monoxide poisoning. To solve this, we recommend getting a chimney cap or cover. They are relatively inexpensive, and easy to...
chimney swift

Chimney Swifts…Cute But Dangerous

Those who have a chimney know there are risks of animals coming into the chimney flue. There are quite a few animals that will make homes out of your chimney when it is not in use. These animals include birds, raccoons, squirrels, and bats. Out of all these animals, birds are the most common. Well, the most common bird to inhabit your chimney is the chimney swift. A smaller bird that is similar in size to a blue jay or 'Woodstock' from the Peanuts cartoon. Quite cute little birds to admire and learn about, but not fun to have in your chimney. They can cause many issues for your chimney, your family, and yourself. Best to have these removed properly. The health of your family and yourself should be the top priority. Regardless of what it is, the safety and health of your living situation can influence so much. One of the most common infections caused by birds is histoplasmosis. What is...

Season Greetings

It's that time of year again, the air is getting colder and the days are getting shorter, so why not go by a warm fire sit back and relax, but before you start that you should consider having a check-up to make sure it's up to date, clean, and to make sure no animals made it they're winter hideaway. Chimneys are dangerous when they're not kept clean, and one of the main places to check before starting up your first fire of the season is to make sure the Ashes are cleaned out. It's important to clean out the firebox. You'll know when it's time to clean it out when the ashes reach the grate but all you have to do is just sweep or vacuum it up. But do make sure the ashes are cold because some ashes and coals can stay hot up to THREE DAYS! so it's found to be best not to clean it up until it sparkles and also remember to wear a mask and eye protection, Safety is always first. Another thing...
how to start a fire, by lake

How to Start a Fire

Starting a fire from scratch can be quite a challenge. Learning what materials to have and how to use them is a task in and of itself.   So here is a quick guide on how to start a fire. Please note that while these are not specific instructions on lighting an inside chimney fire, most information is transferable. 1. Have an Appropriate Fire Bed Don't be the person who burns down the forest next to your house. Safety begins with your fire pit. Select an area away from trees and plant material. Keep plants and bushes away as much as possible. Try to find a dirt area. If you want to go the extra mile, either dig a hole or put bricks around your fire to prevent embers from flying to problematic places. 2. Get Wood Got milk? Good. We're glad. Now get some wood.   Also, Pro tip? Make sure the wood isn't wet.   Go for fuel wood. While fuel wood may take a while to ignite, it's burns last...
fireplace tips for house with chimney

Tips for Using your Fireplace

If your home had a furnace when you moved in, you may not have been acquainted with all the benefits that come along with a fireplace. They not only appear magnificent when lit, but they can also be a principal source of cost saving. Additionally, if you do not have a hearth in the home, you may also want to think about inserting one in. It's fast, handy and you can customize it in any way that you want. Fireplace chimney's have been used for years. Initially used as a primary source of warmth, chimneys have now become a staple trademark of home-decor. So what are some tips that could help you keep your chimney in pristine condition? Call a Fireplace Chimney Sweep They exist, and not simply to pop up in children’s movies. A chimney sweep will offer a visible inspection of your hearth and chimney. They will look for creosote and blockages. If ignored, creosote can lead to chimney fires....

COVID-19 Update

We want you to know that, Yes, we are still open and scheduling appointment for families in our community. We also want you to know that now it’s more important than ever to be prepared for the wood burning season in the fall. We understand and recognize the Coronavirus is a very serious problem. We take your health and safety very seriously. Because of that, we want you to know about the precautions we are taking to ensure the safety of your home and family, and the safety and health of our technicians as well. Firstly, we understand if you do not feel comfortable with our technicians coming into your home during this time, and we would be more than happy to reschedule your current appointments. During our appointments, we are taking the following precautions: Our technicians will be wearing booties Our Team will be washing their hands frequently with anti-bacterial soap We will be...
ocean in hurricane season causing rough waves

Hurricane Season

Hurricane season is upon us and most who live near the coast know what that means; major preparation and horrible damage.   Hurricanes threaten lives and also cause thousands of dollars worth of property damage.   Last year alone, 15 lives were taken by hurricanes (not within the United States). While that may seem insignificant, the fact still remains; hurricanes take lives.   While it is most important to protect your life, your house needs to be taken care of as well.   During strong weather and hurricanes, things and shall we say, critters, can enter your chimney. From squirrels and snakes, to even small debris, when hurricanes happen, your chimney can become clogged.   It is important that prior to a hurricane, your chimney has a chimney cap to prevent strong winds from bringing things into your chimney.   In the unfortunate event that your home is over taken in a hurricane, know...
Chimney Sweep Richmond

Cracked Crown on Your Chimney?

On a chimney, the crown is located across the top of the chimney. It is a solid cover that sits on the highest points of your chimney. Designed to be strong and perform well over a long period of time. Even though, over-time all structures start to fall. There are numerous reasons for cracks to form in the crown. Chimneys are continually exposed to the elements and become damaged from snow, rain, sunlight, and freeze-thaw stages. It is significantly important to repair any cracks or splits in a smokestack before any harm occurs. Indications of a Damages Chimney Crown Cracking: Visible cracks in the concrete forming the crown can be filled or sealed, if they are still relatively small. Larger cracks might need more extensive repair. Falling flue tiles: notice small lumps of tiles gathering at the base of your fireplace it is an indication that the pipe coating your stack is harmed. If...