Chimney CapsIf you’re placing the last touches on a new home or reviewing your winter guidelines for an older home, your fireplace chimney’s cap must be one of the items to check. Whether you want to recap a previously installed chimney or select a new one for a recent construction, having a chimney cap is all-important. One prerequisite of any chimney cap you purchase is that it comes with some kind of quality warranty. There are also plenty of other things to consider. Here are some of them.

Selection of Chimney Cap

Chimney caps are a very useful addition to any residence. For a small amount of money, they add both a lot of safety, protection as well as styling to your chimney top. These products are available in all kinds of varieties. Metal variations are the most popular. Copper and stainless steel are the most popular metals used for fabricating chimney caps.

Copper chimney caps look great and also last a long time. Over time, the copper will get oxidized from exposure to gases and acquire a beautiful design. This is typically referred to as the patina of the metal and the color blends with the darkening or bronzing of the copper. Property owners, architects/designers are attracted to this appear and view it as a massive asset to add to a home!

Stainless steel is also a very popular choice. These kinds of caps come at a higher price than copper. However, the higher price tag is justified for the high rust-resistance and durability they offer.

Benefits of Chimney Cap Installation

Chimney cap installation is necessary to secure your chimney against weather elements as well as corrosion from internal fumes.

Prevent From Rain and Debris

Chimney caps prevent rain and animals from getting inside your home and fireplace chimney. Functionally, chimney caps grant safety for your structure’s indoors from outside factors that can reason troubles and damage. Birds, small animals, embers, wind, hail, and rain are examples of these problems.

Birds can construct nests in the stack area of your chimney at any time. Small animals like squirrels can do the same. If a fire is started using wood, the flammable twigs used in making these nests can catch fire. Rainwater that enters the chimney and flue can create water damage and undesirable odors. Also, wind may additionally lead to downdrafts and make the smoke enter your home instead of going out.

Prevention from Sparks and Embers

Spark arrestors is a common name given to chimney caps. This is so because the cap is in an area to help prevent the sparks and embers from flying up the chimney. They also prevent these from landing on your home’s roof. Any such coincidence can easily lead to a fire on your roof which may go unnoticed until it is too late.

Qualities of the Perfect Type of Chimney Cap

There are other technical concerns when selecting the perfect type of chimney cap for installation. These technicalities are best left to a specialist who understands how different chimney cap models handle the differing needs of chimneys.

Vacuum for Smoke

Your chimney may require an ornamental shroud style cap. This will provide standard safety from exterior elements. If you are having trouble with the updraft which takes the smoke up and out of your home, a product with a vacuum machine built-in in it would be required. Some vacuum models are cheap while others cost a fair bit of money. Speak to a chimney expert to know which one will deliver the desired performance.

Retain Cold and Hot Air

Some kinds of chimneys have in-built dampers. These are the appropriate solution for many older properties which do not have an inherent method for air management. The damper is managed through a lever close to the fireplace. The lever is connected commonly with a cable that runs up the flue to the damper. It is strongly advised that you should contact a roofing/hearth expert to decide what fashion and/or model is right for your particular requirements.

Where Can You Get Professional Advice for Selecting the Right Chimney Cap?

We have the most professional chimney cleaning and repair experts in the market. They can satisfy your requirements for the right chimney cap and even oversee proper installation. Taking their advice will help you select the right chimney cap for your needs as per your budget. This is the best way to ensure you give your chimney the protection it needs and also spend as little as possible.