Springtime with chimneys, typically for most means they will no longer think about the way their chimney works. Out of sight out of mind right? Well, that is true for many people, but for some, they may notice their chimney and fireplace even more.

Many of our customers ask us, “Is it normal for water to leak into the fireplace? While I wish I could say yes, that is definitely not true. Here we will go over how to avoid water leaking into your chimney! No fireplace should have leaks in it!

The way a chimney works should mean that your fireplace should never leak water into your fireplace.

Why is my fireplace leaking when it rains?

Your fireplace is leaking for a few different reasons. There could be issues inside your fireplace causing your chimney to allow water inside of it,

It is never normal for your fireplace to leak. This should be addressed by a chimney repair technician to help eliminate the risk of mold and other damage that could be caused by water inside your fireplace and chimney.

Mold inside your chimney and fireplace can cause a host of issues inside your home. Mold can create hostile health conditions for many people.From severe breathing issues to even hallucinations, mold can be a major problem. 

Water dripping into the fireplace during rain is a bad sign and needs to be addressed immediately. So who to call for chimney leak? A chimney sweep service like us at Sootmaster can solve your problem in a jiffy!

Your fireplace can leak for a host of reasons, some of which include:

  • Masonry issues
  • Flashing issues
  • Cracked chimney crown

Besides these, a few issues can be problem solved by yourself. This includes making sure your damper is shut. This is a common mistake that can cause issues with your chimney.

What are the signs of a leaky chimney?

Dripping sound in the fireplace would be the number one sign that there is a problem. Other signs include roof damage and even seeing the chimney cap not being on. Any signs of water problems can be a sign that your chimney is leaking.

How do I stop the rain sound on my chimney cap?

The problem with this is that the way the chimney cap works makes this nearly impossible. Chimney caps are always made of metal and prevent rain and animals from entering your chimney. Without this, your chimney becomes a gateway to all sorts of problems. 

How do you dry out a wet chimney?

Drying out a wet chimney is a matter of time. Another thing you can do to dry out your chimney is by adding a dehumidifier to your fireplace to help draw out the moisture. If your chimney is wet, this is a sign of another problem. Water dripping into the fireplace during rain is even worse because it can cause major problems inside your home, from mold to damage.

Can an open chimney cause dampness?

Definitely! Realizing the way to know if your chimney is open is important. Many do not realize this and as a result, leave their chimney open to the world.