You inspect your car’s tires for wear and tear and you inspect your AC unit to see if it needs a new filter. A Chimney often goes under the radar when it comes to inspections. So, how often do you really need to have your chimney inspected?

How Often Do You Need A Chimney Inspection?

Chimney Inspection Timeline

There are several determining factors to consider when it’s time to schedule a chimney inspection.

  • You haven’t had your chimney inspected in a year or more. This is especially true if you use the fireplace often in the winter.
  • If you don’t use your fireplace, it’s still important to have your chimney that services the heating system inspected.
  • You’re buying a new house. Not knowing the condition of the chimney is a risk to the health of your family and your home.
  • You are having performance issues with your chimney or fireplace.

Why do You Need an Annual Chimney Inspection?

The purpose of a chimney inspection is to keep the chimney operating correctly. An inspection ensures that your chimney is free of obstacles that may impact its performance and ultimately result in a chimney fire or carbon monoxide leak.

Types of Chimney Inspections

There are three types of chimney inspections. Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3.

  • Level 1: This inspection is performed if you plan to use the venting system as you have in the past. This is the minimum requirement for a chimney inspection. Readily accessible portions of the chimney are inspected, including the exterior.
  • Level 2: This inspection is performed when any changes are made to the system, including fuel type. A level 2 inspection includes everything in Level 1, in addition to attics, crawl spaces, and the interior of the flue. A Level 2 is required during the sale or transfer of a property.
  • Level 3: Includes everything from Level 1 and Level 2, as well as, the opening up or removal of components, such as the chimney crown, when necessary

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