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With over 30 years of experience, Sootmaster Chimney Sweep Spring Bluff is dedicated to giving you the best experience when dealing with your chimney and fireplace system.

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Who is Sootmaster Chimney Sweep Spring Bluff?

We are a full-service chimney sweep company. Thirty years ago, The cost of home heating was on the rise and so was chimney fires. Spring Bluff had a shortage of chimney sweeps and it was a struggle to receive quality work in a reasonable timeframe. This caused many to stop using their fireplaces, or attempt to do it themselves. We knew we had to do something. That is why we pride ourselves on having the quickest response time in the industry, back our repairs with industry-leading warranties, and do everything in our power to go above and beyond your expectations every time.


Our goal is to service chimneys and to make them safe. To provide inspections and cleanings, at a reasonable price to help prevent chimney fires, and keep carbon monoxide flowing up and out your chimney instead of flowing into your home. We solve problems such as water leaks that can cause your biggest investment to end up in ruins. We repair chimneys and fireplaces to keep them in a condition that is safe to burn. We humanely remove wildlife and fumigate for fungus and bacteria to ensure your home is clean and you are healthy.

Our Promise to Spring Bluff GA

Our Promise is to build a relationship with the people we serve because we want to have the privilege of being your chimney sweep.  We’ll accomplish this by doing what it takes to exceed your expectations and by providing the best service offered by any chimney sweep company.

That’s Why at Sootmaster Chimney Sweep Spring Bluff We:

  • Always call in advance with any hold-ups or inconveniences
  • Keep the fireplace area as clean as we found it by tarping off the fireplace area and using vacuums made to collect falling debris.
  • Have the quickest response times in Spring Bluff!

Sootmaster strives to be the resource for fire safety and fireplace enjoyment education and is always more than happy to answer questions and provide tips.

How Does a Fireplace Work?

Fireplaces work by creating a non-combustible environment, where a fire can be started, built, and maintained, and works in tandem with your chimney. In a masonry fireplace, the chimney is the passageway for smoke and gasses to be removed safely from your home. The part that connects the chimney to the firebox is called the smoke chamber, the smoke chamber is built like an upside-down funnel and is the transition from a wide opening in the firebox to the narrower opening of the chimney.

A fire is built in the inner hearth. You may notice that the back wall in your hearth is angled slightly forward before it meets the damper, this angle allows heat to be pushed out into the home while the smoke and gasses rise into the chimney, thereby heating your home safely. In a prefabricated fireplace, there is no smoke chamber the flue comes directly out of the firebox and goes straight up to the roof the damper is located at the throat of the firebox to allow for ventilation and an updraft when in use.

Why Should I get my chimney swept in the summer?

Summer is the perfect time to schedule a chimney sweep and address any chimney-related issues you may have. Whether you're in Pensacola, Birmingham, Alabama, New Orleans, Atlanta, Jacksonville, Charleston, Tampa, Orlando, or Gainesville, the summer season brings several benefits for chimney maintenance. Here's why you should take action and book a chimney sweep now: Summer Weather During the summer, the weather is generally warmer and drier, making it an ideal...

Squirrels in Your Chimney – What to Do

There are several kinds of animals that seek shelter in chimneys. Squirrels are one example of animals that can take up residence in your chimney. While it can be annoying or even scary to have a critter running around your chimney, don't panic. Today's blog discusses everything you need to know about squirrels in your chimney and how to solve the issue.  How do Squirrels Get Into Chimneys? There are a few ways squirrels can end up in your chimney. One way is...

Ways to Put Out Chimney Fires?

Reports claim over 25,000 chimney fires in America are responsible for the loss of property worth over $120 million every year. There are thousands of deaths and injuries resulting from chimney fires annually. These are alarming figures. Creosote buildup is the biggest cause of chimney fires but deteriorated chimney liners and other structural issues can allow embers to escape to parts within and outside the chimney that can be ignited. Only a few homeowners can...

How Does a Chimney Company Earn a Strong Market Reputation?

There may be over a dozen chimney companies in any given area. Despite the same general tasks, not all chimney companies are the same. Some of them have a very strong reputation in their area while others are rarely spoken about, nor have any online reviews. It’s important to know the difference between the chimney companies who are well known in your area, and those who do not have a good reputation, because it is the key to hiring the perfect chimney company....

Chimney Leak Issues

What causes chimney leaks? Although chimneys look like simple brick or stone columns, they are actually complex structures with a number of different pieces and parts. Because the chimney is constantly exposed to the elements, its masonry is at greater risk for damage and breakdown. The following are some of the most common causes of chimney leaks. Chimney cap: The chimney cap protects the top of your flue from water entry, as well as animals and debris. Without a...

Does Insurance Cover Chimney Damage?

If you own a home with a chimney, you may be wondering if your insurance covers damage. The answer is a bit complicated: it depends. Every insurance company and policy is different. Sometimes, insurance will cover unexpected damage to your chimney. But, if the damage is caused by a lack of proper maintenance, most insurance companies will leave repair costs up to the homeowner. Read on to learn more about what is and isn't covered with an insurance policy....

The Things to Know About Chimney Cleaning

A chimney is a great addition to the home and if you are lucky enough to have a furnace in your home it is best to do chimney cleaning on a regular basis. This is necessary seeing that an unkempt chimney can probably decrease the effectivity of your fireplace, whereas a regularly maintained one can often do wonders for your mantelpiece. Moreover, you may also ultimately want to shell out more money in the long run as failure to maintain your chimney can do...

Downdraft: A Common Enemy

The identification of downdraft and the detailing of what it entails for those faced with it. Before offering a few solutions and preventative measures to the problem.

Properly venting a fireplace

Properly venting a fireplace Properly venting a fireplace is crucial for maintaining a safe and efficient heating system. It is the process of directing the byproducts of combustion, including smoke and gases, safely out of your home through a chimney or venting system. This ensures that your indoor air quality remains high and minimizes the risk of dangerous gases, like carbon monoxide, accumulating in your living space. Professional installation and regular...

Chimney History

Many of our customers tell us that they thought chimney sweeps were a thing of the past when we talk with them about having their chimneys swept. Chimneys have been around for a very long time, but many people have misconceptions about them.  Having a look at the chimney's past is an incredibly fascinating and exciting experience.  The following information provides us with a comprehensive history of the chimney and how they came to be. Why do old houses have so...

The go-to place to call when you need a fireplace cleaning. I use the SootMasters for our chimney cleanings and inspections. I also have them clean and inspect a few of my rental properties. Always on time and reliable.
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The husband called and had Sootmasters come out to do our annual chimney sweep before the cold weather starts to come in. Very affordable and always reliable.
★★★★★ Google Review

Great chimney company happy with my services. They cleaned and fixed the smoke stains by my fireplace, I forgot they said/did I remember getting something replaced (this was months ago), and it is cheaper than other companies that I checked.
★★★★★ Google Review

I called about having my chimney leak repaired and the young man, I believe it was Patrick came out and was very polite. Gave me a reasonable estimate to repair my chimney. They came out a few days later to fix it. I would recommend this company if you need chimney repairs.
★★★★★ Google Review

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