Many things go into buying and selling a home; real estate considers many factors, after all. How many rooms? What’s the number of plugs? The size of the bathrooms, and the number as well. What’s the area around the home like; is it a safe district or one full of crime? And perhaps funnily enough, does it have a fireplace?

The Utility

The most basic reason as to why a fireplace and chimney may matter is utility. It’s a fireplace, an excellent way to warm the house in the cold when the thermostat just won’t cut it, or if you want a reason to be cozy in the living room. Maybe the thermostat would do the trick, but you’d instead save just that little bit more on electricity, or even the electricity went out from a storm.

When in a family room, it provides a setting to hang out with the kids; maybe you can make smores if it’s wood or sit around the fire playing board games, watching a movie, or playing video games. It’s a rather relaxing and pleasant experience to huddle up in front of the fire and hang out with loved ones—that cozy living vibe.

If one wished, they could go for the alternative to wood or coal, gas. Gas fireplaces are all the rage, and unlike their old brethren, they can be installed nearly anywhere. Gas fireplaces are efficient, safe, and convenient to use, things which their archaic siblings cannot always claim. They, however, do sometimes operate on propane, but many use atmospheric natural gas.

The Aesthetic

The other apparent reason is that fireplaces look good. The lovely old fashion brick and mortar masonry fireplaces are a classic. The electric fireplace can also look rather stunning if on the right wall with the right color.

With their spread of distinct looks, fireplaces can have a rustic charm or a modern appeal; they can tie a room together. Ornamentation around the opening and if the room is well decorated can complement the sight of a fire dancing and flickering.

It does well to embrace modern flair for an electric or gas fireplace, perhaps having it on a corner under the counter instead of just in a wall. Compliment the display with brick or marble, maybe even leave aside exposed. Inlay it and don’t have it be the centerpiece; the fire will demand attention without you having to work for it.

Having the correct screen can be a boon in the looks of these rustic masterpieces—classic fireplaces! Best with a brick or stone accent and inset center stage in a wall, these homestays are still prevalent for a good reason. Wood, funnily enough, often works well for framing the fireplace, and perhaps in the frame have some drawers. Oh, and as a bonus, put a coat rack to the side and buy hats just for décor, maybe get an umbrella holder too for good measure.

Another pro in the aesthetics department—chimneys. Simply put, they look nice. A tall pillar standing from the top of the home, subtle and understated yet iconic and with its sense of majesty. There is a satisfaction to a chimney’s presence that one cannot ignore.

The Resale Value

If it’s not obvious, people like fireplaces; they want fireplaces. Fireplaces are still helpful even with modern technology. They have an allure as well, a hypnotic ability in their flames, and even when not aflame, fill the would-be bland and featureless space with content and intrigue.

Having a chimney without the extra work to make it shine raises the resale value of a home anywhere from 6 to 12 percent!