Chimney Sweepers and How they can help

Chimney sweep cleaners are professionals that have existed for centuries.  Their work is to clean and help you maintain the condition of your chimney system.  Ignoring the needs of your chimney puts you and your family at risk of fire and noxious gas poisoning. That is why before moving into a new home, you should always ensure that the chimney is in good condition.

Reasons why You should enlist the services of chimney sweep cleaners before using your fireplace

SootmasterMost people schedule spring cleaning for the house and believe chimney cleaning is for the fall. There are several reasons for chimney cleaning and maintenance, however many homeowners fail to treat it as such. Chimney sweeping is no ordinary job, it is messy and dangerous especially if you have to go up the roof and that is why it should be left for professional sweep equal to the task.

Hiring a chimney sweep cleaner to do the work in the fall ensures that your system is ready for winter.  However, having a professional do the work guarantees safety, compliance, and efficiency. You should never light a fire in a fireplace that hasn’t been swept and inspected since the previous season.  You should also guarantee that your chimney is inspected and cleaned at least once a year by experienced chimney sweep cleaners.

Dangers of Having a Dirty Chimney

A dirty chimney might be harboring thick layers of creosote that built up from the regular use of the fireplace during the previous season. When this isn’t regularly cleaned away,  it is a potential fire hazard. The build-up in the system slows down airflow and affects the efficiency of the fireplace system. Besides, one should also be wary of the fact that creosote is combustible. Elements left behind by small animals, debris from outside, and byproducts of the fire can ignite at any time, putting your family and property at risk of fire. A chimney fire is devastating, can end up in an insurance claim, loss of property, costly rehabilitation, and even injury or death.

Other Problems Caused by Dirty Chimneys

Most people don’t notice that during the hot month of summer, dirty chimneys emit a foul smell. When summer humidity combines with soot and creosote in the system, it can begin to release a pungent smell like that of a dirty barbecue grill. These kinds of odors in the chimney system are all signs of an unclean chimney. The soot and creosote in the system may be weakening the lining mainly if it combines with the moisture from the humidity of a leaking chimney.  Clean chimneys also work more efficiently than dirty ones. When the lining of the system becomes coated with soot and creosote, the flow of air is slowed, and yet the chimney system depends on this airflow to work properly. A drop in efficiency means an increase in the risk of fire.

Why You Should Schedule a Chimney Sweep Now Before it’s Too Late

Chimney sweep companies are usually occupied during this period between October and January, also known as the fall rush. If you schedule a chimney sweep right away, you will be able to have your services completed before you need to make your first fire. You must contact your local chimney sweep cleaners right away for a professional to look at your chimney system as soon as possible. When you schedule the services of reliable chimney sweep cleaners, you will not only get your chimney system cleaned of soot, creosote, ashes, and other debris, but you’ll also get a standard level one inspection. Schedule in time, and you’ll have the opportunity to do the necessary repairs before your first fire.

How You Can Benefit from a Professional Chimney Sweep Cleaner

Contracting a professional chimney sweep means that you will have the convenience of a cleaner completing the job at the scheduled time along with having all the equipment required to do so.

The mess will be contained so that you don’t have to clean up after we have left. Our chimney sweeps provide a full report of their findings, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your safety is guaranteed for another season. So why not have your chimney sweep done by making an appointment below.