Animal Removal

Your fireplace chimney is dark, warm and provides shelter from the weather – just the place some animals from your neighborhood would love to make their home. If you look around the house and can’t find anyone brave enough to inspect the chimney then you either have to do it yourself or call the professionals to remove the animals in your chimney.

Birds, bats, and even raccoons are attracted to chimneys because it can be the perfect place for breeding, shelter, and warmth. These kinds of animals in your chimney would usually look for tall trees to find shelter, especially when nursing their young. Nowadays chimneys are also perfect for this purpose. Despite offering ample shelter and warmth these places can still be very dangerous, for both animals and humans. Getting to know the animals in your chimney will help you to act swiftly and appropriately should they intrude.

Types of animals in your chimney


The start of spring is a favorite on everyone’s calendar and can usually be marked by the arrival of a few birds in your chimney. Nesting in a chimney provides protection from potential predators as well as the perfect place to find some warmth. The smoke shelf usually provides a suitable platform to house a nest but don’t be surprised to find a bird nest wherever they can get a grip. This can become rather hazardous, especially when there are several nests in your chimney. These nests prohibit the flow of gasses and smoke up the chimney and can become a fire hazard.

The best way to get rid of these animals in your chimney is to be patient. After the birds have hatched and grown old enough they are likely to leave on their own. However, this is likely to be a serious test of your patience. Even once they have left, cleaning up the mess can be quite a challenge. Alternatively one should call in the help of a professional chimney sweeping service to get rid of these small animals in your chimney.


These peculiar creatures can be found in many different areas, but particularly enjoy the tropical and rainforest climates. These animals enjoy living in caves as they can hang from the ceiling, also finding a ‘hideaway’ from predators. For this very reason, one would also find bats in many places where humans stay. The female species particularly like chimneys and fireplaces as it provides warmth and they can have babies in groups.

Once you have found these animals in your chimney or in your fireplace, the next step should be to determine where they are coming from. The bats might be able to gain entry through the corners of the roof, through the air vents, or even through damaged louvers. The best and most suitable way of getting rid of these animals in your chimney is by hiring a professional to do the job or just clicking on the right side to request an appointment.


The pest with the agility of a pro-athlete and speed of a race car. Their superior climbing skills and persistent nature make them quite a nuisance. Squirrels typically chew their way into your home or fireplace. They will gnaw through electrical wiring, fencing, and almost anything else in order to gain access. These creatures enjoy chimneys, usually making their home right above the fireplace. As they are comfortable climbers and able to scale the chimney walls they will move in and out when needed. The only humane way of removing these animals from your chimney is by getting a professional to do so.


To some animals your open chimney looks like a tall tree, ready for them to inhabit. This is true, especially for female raccoons who by instinct look for high areas to make their home. These animals can easily climb down the flue to nest at the bottom of the chimney and you might even find a litter of baby raccoons there.

Dealing with these animals in your chimney can be done in one of two ways. You either wait it out, about 8-10 for the babies to hatch and then they’ll all leave. Alternatively, you could use various methods to get rid of the raccoons in your chimney. Try a raccoon eviction fluid. You could also try some kind of natural repellent and expect your ‘visitors’ to leave within a few days.

Need Help With Animals in Your Chimney?

Animals in your chimney can be quite a nuisance and a serious hindrance to you enjoying your fireplace. In most cases, you can wait out the time and the animals should leave your chimney or you could call the professionals to come and deal with these ‘unwelcome visitors’. Even if you decide to wait out the time, you should still call a professional chimney cleaning company to clean up the mess the animals in your chimney left. SootMaster provides a professional chimney sweep near you and is only a call away.