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What to Expect
At Sootmaster Chimney Sweep Cartersville, we have a great reputation for quality service. The top priority for the Sootmaster team is a happy customer. We achieve this goal by offering a variety of services from our staff with over 30 years of experience. The Sootmaster team is careful to take care of our customer’s home. Every member of our team works to better themselves in order to provide the best service possible. We always call ahead about any delays as well as arrival times. The Sootmaster team also provides before and after photos of our work. Come to Chimney Repair Cartersville for the best chimney services!

We are a friendly team who will focus on your needs and concerns, that focuses more on you than making a sale. We value all of our customers, so building a relationship with you is our priority. Therefore, from simple tips to detailed advice on fireplace installations your local chimney sweep is here to help.

What We Can Do

Sootmaster Chimney Repair Cartersville provides great services to customers. Above all, we have a great reputation because of our professional services. We offer services such as Water Leak Repairs, Animal removal, Masonry repairs, Fireplace repairs, Fireplace Installations, local chimney service, and chimney caps, in addition to many more.

  • Animal Removal: Because we have a very caring team, animal removal is one of our top priorities at Chimney Sweep Cartersville. For example, Our team is made up of good people who believe in the care of animals. Because of this, we only practice humane animal removal. Click here to find out more!
  • Water Leak Repairs: The most common job we do is water leak repairs. We only use the best materials and we promise to provide the best quality water leak repairs. We offer flashing, chimney caps, and more. For more information, click here!
  • Masonry Repairs: Sootmaster Chimney Repair Cartersville offers several different masonry repairs. For example, we offer tuckpointing, chimney flue repair, flue relining, and more. Our masonry repairs are done by professionals who have years of experience and practice in the field. Click here to find out more about our expert masonry repairs and services!
  • Fireplace repairs: Our fireplace repairs and chimney sweeps at chimney repair Cartersville are done by CSIA trained workers. We offer the best real estate, home, and insurance inspections, as well as water leak repairs and animal removal.
  • Fireplace Installations: Sootmaster chimney repair Cartersville offers several types of fireplace installation. For instance, we can install fireplaces, ash dump doors, wood stoves, and other local chimney services.

Have Questions? Ask The Sootmaster!

Sootmaster knows how important it is for you to know what’s going on. As a result, we here at chimney sweep Cartersville strive to help you to enjoy a safer home.

Here are some questions you may want to ask:

What wood should I burn?
How can I troubleshoot smoke issues?
What products can I use to keep chimneys leak-free

Click here to Ask the SootMaster!


Lastly, for questions about our services, give us a call at 678-212-1556 . You can also request an appointment online, and we’ll send a chimney repair professional right to your door. You can find your local Sootmaster on our area service page. In conclusion, we want to be your top choice at Chimney Sweep Cartersville.

Things to do in Cartersville

Booth Western Art Museum
Booth Western Art Museum The Booth Western Art Museum, an Affiliate to the Smithsonian Institution, is a 120,000 square foot museum located in Cartersville, Georgia, where guests are invited to See America’s Story through contemporary Western artwork, a Presidential Gallery, Civil War art gallery, and Sagebrush Ranch, an interactive children’s gallery. Open since August 2003, Booth Museum is the only museum of its kind in the Southeast and is the second-largest art museum in the state of Georgia. –Tripadvisor
Tellus Science Museum
The Tellus is a 120,000 square foot science museum located in Cartersville, just north of Atlanta. Tellus Science Museum is a Smithsonian Institute Affiliate Museum, which houses four major galleries – Weinman Mineral Gallery, Fossil Gallery, Science in Motion Gallery, and My Big Back Yard. In addition, the museum includes a fossil dig and gem panning hands-on experience, a planetarium, and an observatory. – Trip Advisor
Red Top Mountain State Park

This popular park on Lake Allatoona is ideal for swimming, water skiing and fishing. Visitors can bring their own boats or rent from nearby marinas. A sand swimming beach is nestled in a cove and surrounded by trees, providing a great place to cool off during summer. Picnic shelters and group shelters may be rented for meetings, parties, reunions and other celebrations. Guests often stay overnight in rental cottages, a spacious campground or the park’s lakeside yurt. While best known for the 12,000-acre lake, Red Top Mountain is also a hiker’s haven. More than 15 miles of trails wind through the forested park, providing opportunities for exercise and nature photography. A short, paved trail behind the park office is suitable for wheelchairs and strollers, welcoming guests to explore a reconstructed 1860s homestead. The gravel-topped 4-mile Iron Hill Trail is open to both hikers and bikers, offering pretty views of the lake’s shoreline. Named for the soil’s rich red color caused by high iron-ore content, Red Top Mountain was once an important mining area. Iron pour programs are occasionally held near the Vaughn Cabin behind the park office. Trip Advisor

Bartow History Museum

“Bartow History Museum illustrates the past and present of Georgia’s Bartow County. Visitors can view exhibits featuring 200 years of history, from Cherokee habitation in the early 1800s (pre-Bartow County) to events shaping the region today. The museum is housed in the refurbished 1869 Courthouse building in the heart of downtown Cartersville, conveniently located near restaurants and shops. If you want to spend more time in historic Cartersville, our knowledgeable staff is always ready to answer questions and share information about our region. – TripAdvisor

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