Another burning season has come to an end. As the weather warms up outside, the fireplace is used less and eventually retired until the next chilly autumn night. But before you completely put your fireplace out of your mind, schedule a chimney sweep and inspection. The warmer months are the best time to schedule chimney maintenance for several reasons. 

Get Ahead of the Rush 

When temperatures begin to cool down, chimney companies are bombarded. Cooler weather reminds many homeowners to get their chimneys checked out before burning the first fire of the season. Because of this, fall is the busiest time of year for chimney sweeps, and it may be difficult to get on the schedule. During the busy season, sweeps can be booked out for weeks at a time. By scheduling your chimney sweep and inspection now, you can avoid the chaos of burning season and get your chimney system ready for those cool days and nights. 

Catch Problems Early 

There are many issues that could be hiding in your chimney. A thorough chimney inspection can identify any problems that are affecting your chimney and fireplace. Some issues require multiple visits to repair. When you schedule a chimney sweep and inspection for the spring or summer, you’re giving yourself and your chimney sweep ample time to take care of any necessary repairs so that your fireplace is prepared for heavy use in the fall and winter. Being unable to use your fireplace when it’s cold can be frustrating. So, don’t wait to get that inspection. 

Prevent Fireplace Odors 

Warmer weather, increased humidity, and built up creosote from the previous burn season can result in a stinky fireplace. This is because the creosote, a result of wood combustion, sticks to the walls of your chimney and fireplace. When exposed to heat and moisture, creosote can produce unpleasant odors in your home. And, the moisture from humidity only gets worse as summer progresses. A chimney sweep will clear your chimney system of creosote, so you won’t have to worry about a smelly fireplace spoiling your spring. 

Save Money During the Holiday Season 

Peak burning season aligns with Christmas and other winter holidays, which can be a financial strain. Getting your chimney sweep and inspection done during spring or summer will eliminate the need to do it later on in the season, giving you less to worry about during a hectic gifting season. 

Peace of Mind 

We all get a rush of satisfaction from checking things off of our to-do lists. When you add your chimney sweep and inspection to your spring cleaning list, you can head into fall and winter knowing that your fireplace and chimney will be ready to go as soon as that first chilly night arrives. 

Although many people wait until fall to have their chimney cleaned, there are many benefits to scheduling your chimney service during the warmer months. Getting ahead of the busy season is always a great idea, so give Sootmaster a call today to schedule your chimney sweep and inspection. That way, you’re prepared for those cozy winter nights by the fire.