Chimneys are a mystery to the average person if they were to take a look inside. Yes, a chimney is a rectangle shaped tunnel that leads down the home to a fireplace. Well, the tunnel is called the flue. This is where all the smoke and gases travel up and out of the home. But, have you ever wondered what goes on during a routine inspection? Below has the different levels and what happens in each.

Levels of Inspection

Level One:
  • The easiest level of the three.
  • It is performed without aid from any specialized tools and is recommended when things are working as always, without change
Level Two:
  • Only when there is a change – A new liner, new homeowner, new appliances, new fuel type, strong storm or chimney fire, or a new problem or performance issue.
  • This level may require basic tools, and will also include a video scan of the chimney interior. The images show close-up damages, these inspections are oftentimes referred to as real estate, home or insurance inspections.
Level Three:
  • Level two inspection that goes deeper to find hidden problems that are impossible to get to the bottom of.
  • This level can involve the removal of firebox panels, chimney crowns, walls, and other components of the chimney system and home, which is considered last resort.

There should never be a doubt in what is happening to your chimney during the inspection. Never be afraid to ask your technician what you do not know and he will explain it for you while the other is cleaning the chimney system.

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