Chimney season is right around the corner and will be here before you know it! Now is the time to schedule your annual appointment while Chimney Sweeps still have openings! During the season, it is common for sweeping companies and technicians to be booked three to six weeks ahead at a time. If you do not want to wait it is best to schedule an appointment as soon as possible. Without knowledge or experience, cleaning your chimney is extremely dangerous. Getting on the roof is dangerous enough, but you could also miss an important fire hazard. Technicians are continuously trained to spot any potential risks. When it comes to chimney maintenance, it is best to leave it to a professional. It is often recommended that you schedule at least one annual inspection to ensure safety. Protecting your home from fire hazards should be your Chimney Sweeps’ main priority.

Unfortunately, not all chimney companies are created equal it is important to notice the differences between them. Chimney sweeping is a lucrative business because it is necessary to protect your home if you have a fireplace. Since most homes have a fireplace system of some sort, even if they do not use it regularly, it still requires inspection. It is easy to be swindled into services that you may not need or be overcharged for a service that you should have paid a lot less for. When a chimney is not thoroughly inspected with due diligence. It can become a fire hazard and even expose residents to toxic fumes.

A Chimney Sweep is a technician who services your home. Often a technician will have to enter your home to carry out services. I would not let anyone from the street into my home, and it is important to do the same. Always check to see if the company you are using does background checks or drug screens on their employees to ensure safety. It may seem overboard, but you should know if the person entering your home has had any serious issues that may put you at risk.

Some companies will act as if they are a chimney sweeping company, but they are far from it! If the chimney sweeping company you’re inquiring about operates under other services such as masonry, construction, or anything other than chimney sweeps you may want to take a closer look. Some businesses may know HOW to build a chimney, but it may not be built to code, or not constructed properly. A chimney that is not built properly will not work efficiently. It has happened many times before where a technician has arrived at a job to see that the chimney was not built following guidelines for safety.

When hiring anybody, whether you own a business, or need to hire someone to perform a service for you, you should always be satisfied with your agreement. You should do research on the company or technician you are going to hire. Reading reviews, visiting their website, or giving them a call is an easy way to find out a little bit about the company and the services they provide.