Fireplace cleaning must be done frequently or annually. Assuring that the fireplace is clean is vital for a safe home. Allowing residue to accumulate can pose a threat to air quality and risk for a chimney fire. Therefore there is a need for fireplace cleaning so to make your chimney effective. It can also avoid many later harms and risks.

Prepare the Area and Fireplace Cleaning tools

Fireplace CleanWait at least a day after the last use of the fireplace until it is cooled off before cleaning it. Also, you have to ensure that soot has settled before you start the cleaning, as inhalation poses a health risk. Cover the area around the fireplace with cloth or tarp and then open the fireplace damper.

Buy an appropriate cleaning chemical from your local hardware store, there are cleaners specially made for the fireplaces. Also, you can use household cleaners such as ammonia but it may be harsher on brick fireplaces. Put the cleaner in a “spray-bottle” and prepare the tools that you’ll be using to clean the fireplace.

For the initial inspection use poker to scrape away the black creosote from the lining. If the thickness of the creosote layer is 1/8 inch it requires attention. Get a small brush to clean the fireplace quickly before scrubbing. Use an abrasive tool as a scrub brush or an abrasive sponge for scrubbing debris out.

In this way, you can not only prepare the fireplace area for cleaning but also ensure a long lifespan for your fireplace.

Soot Removing Makes Fireplace Cleaning Effective

Remove debris and old wood before cleaning and suck up loose debris by vacuum. It is helpful to spray coffee grounds on the ashes first, this gives the ashes a solid texture and prevents them from scattering in the air. After that, sweep the chimney from top to bottom using a small brush. The brush should be 8-10 inches in diameter. Also, you should attach the brush to a flexible pole so that you can reach the flue and sweep any dust or ashes from inside the chimney.

Spray the cleaning agent inside the fireplace to wet the area. Allow the cleaning agent to soak 10 to 15 min if the chimney has minor statins or 30 minutes if the stains are very bad. Dip your abrasive tool for scrubbing in circular motions until the fireplace is completely covered. If there are hard-to-reach fissures use a toothbrush to clean these areas.

Finally, wet a cloth with hot water and buff the stain away and rinse the chimney walls and floor with clean water.  Removing soot is an effective method of fireplace cleaning, it makes the procedure effective and provides a clean fireplace. This process can be rather tedious, therefore people prefer to hire professionals for this kind of procedure.

Cleaning Fireplace Glass

Cleaning of the fireplace glass is also an important part of cleanliness. So, clean the glass with a cloth dampened with water or paper towels. This should only be done after the fireplace has cooled down. Scrub the glass with the cloth until all stains and marks have been cleaned.

Tips to Make Effective Fireplace Cleaning

Professionals offer these services and tips to people to make their fireplace effective and to keep it clean. Firstly Installation of a chimney cap keeps animals, rainwater, and debris out of the chimney. Mesh around the sides of the cap work as a spark arrestor and fire prevention.

To make the fireplace cleaning easier use dry wood because it burns more efficiently and produces less smoke. Also, vacuum the fireplace weekly to facilitate removing debris when you clean the fireplace. You also have to use water to drown a fire for emergencies only because ashes will turn into a paste, which is very difficult to clean. In this way, you can effectively clean the fireplace.

Fireplace cleaning is a messy process, but it does not have to be difficult if you have the suitable tools and you know what to inspect for. With these effective fireplace cleaning steps, you can be able to handle the job yourself. Chimneys with thick creosote should be managed by professionals. We offer effective fireplace cleaning services. Professional guidance and tips can extend the life of your fireplace and can make it more effective.