Experienced homeowners know the struggles that are included when you own a home, and the latter will find out eventually! Whether you are selling your home or buying one, it most likely has a fireplace. A fireplace can tie a room together, by adding an ambiance factor that you cannot buy at the store. Wood-crackling during the fall and winter, warming your home is a priceless commodity that only a fireplace can create. Fireplaces may seem simple, but the complexity of a chimney system works to keep you safe. A fireplace that is not properly maintained can be dangerous to your health. So, if you are just moving into your new home, or selling your old house, it is important to have an inspection done on your chimney to guarantee safety.

Why You Need the Inspection

There are three levels of inspection. When you sell a home or buy a home, a level two inspection is necessary. A level two inspection is more thorough than a level one inspection, but less than a level three. Level one inspection is a minimum requirement for any appliance or venting system and is the most common inspection. All readily accessible interior and exterior areas of the structure will be inspected. A technician will also ensure the chimney is free of combustibles and blockages. If a technician notices that your chimney needs a sweep, he can carry out a chimney sweep. A level two inspection is needed whenever you buy or sell a home, but also if the chimney has experienced any major damage.

A visual inspection of the interior and exterior are included like a level one inspection, but they will also inspect the design, installation, fire codes, and venting systems.  A level two inspection will ensure that your chimney is working properly. This includes inspecting other parts of the fireplace system that are not easily seen by crawling in attics and hard-to-reach spaces. During a level two inspection, any changes, damages, and changes to the system will be noted and resolved if necessary. A detailed status report, including pictures via the “Chim-Scan” chimney camera, will allow you to assess your chimney fully.

Keeping Others Safe

A level two inspection by an expert technician will ensure that a fireplace is safe to use. It is important to note when the inspection took place, by recording the date. Many recommend that you schedule at least one annual inspection of the fireplace and chimney to guarantee safety. Upon inspection, a technician can remove any blockages and clean harmful build-ups. It is important to have an inspection done so that you can protect your property from fire hazards. Whether you are buying or selling a home, a level two inspection will tell you the status of your chimney, so it can be safe for the new owners. If you need a level two inspection give us a call today!