Over the years real estate brokers and home inspectors have asked SootMaster experts to check out and repair fireplaces and chimneys.

The goal of fireplace and chimney inspections is to assure that both buyers and sellers understand the property’s condition. A chimney inspection in this sense can be seen as part of the disclosure process.

There generally are three places in the transaction process when inspections can be appropriate.

First, the homeowner wants an inspection before the property is marketed to remove a possible sticking point.

Second, as a condition of the purchase, the buyer has a professional home inspector review the property. Based on the inspector’s report, Sootmaster is asked to make repairs.

Third, in some cases a chimney inspection by itself can be a condition of the sale.

For additional information buyers and sellers should speak with real estate brokers and professional home inspectors. Based on their local market experience they can make recommendations which are appropriate for individual properties.