Ever wondered what the fancy-looking set of instruments next to fire are? These are known as fireplace tools. They can be used as an ambiance factor by adding an aesthetic touch to your fireplace. These tools are also used to maintain the fire, making it easier for you to clean and control. A toolset typically comes with six different individual tools, each one has its own purpose. By using fireplace tools, you can take proper care of a fire without having to worry about burning yourself. Tools also allow you to extend the life of your fire by being able to move a wood and clean ash so the fire can get more oxygen.

  1. Spade- The spade has the appearance of a flat shovel. This tool is often associated with digging, it is used to pick up ashes, hot coals, and burning-embers. By moving around ashes and providing a cleaner burn, you can reduce smoke production. The spade is often used after a fire is done burning, used to clean the ashes and coals once they are no longer hot by scooping it into the ash dump door.
  2. Tongs- You have probably seen a person cooking on a grill and noticed that they grabbed food with a metal hand clamp or a pair of tongs. In a fireplace toolset, there is a pair of tongs also, but they are much bigger than the ones used for cooking. Tongs used in a fireplace are used to grab logs, pieces of wood, and breaking up burnt wood to provide more oxygen to the fire. More oxygen to the fire creates more flame and less smoke.
  3. Fireplace Broom- This cute little broom is used to sweep out the ash from your fireplace once a fire has been extinguished. The broom is necessary to have because all fires, no matter what create ash, and you would not want to use your house broom because it would not be able to fit inside the fireplace.
  4. Bellows- This fireplace tool is not nearly as common as other fireplace tools. The bellows are used to blow a controlled gust of oxygen to your fire to increase the flames. There is a valve on the end, directing the wave of air. This tool is used to help start your fire by increasing flame size and heat momentarily, usually to light the kindling.
  5. Fireplace Poker- Most used fireplace tool, this is a long metal extended rod with a pointed tip on the end. This tool is also called the “stoker” it is used to move burning wood in your fireplace.
  6. Andiron- This tool is rarer, and not as common. Commonly called a “log-dog” this is a long horizontal bar that is used to support logs that are fed to the flames. This tool allows more air to pass through, producing a cleaner burn