Starting a fire from scratch can be quite a challenge. Learning what materials to have and how to use them is a task in and of itself.
So here is a quick guide on how to start a fire. Please note that while these are not specific instructions on lighting an inside chimney fire, most information is transferable.

1. Have an Appropriate Fire Bed

Don’t be the person who burns down the forest next to your house. Safety begins with your fire pit. Select an area away from trees and plant material. Keep plants and bushes away as much as possible. Try to find a dirt area. If you want to go the extra mile, either dig a hole or put bricks around your fire to prevent embers from flying to problematic places.

2. Get Wood

Got milk? Good. We’re glad. Now get some wood.
Also, Pro tip? Make sure the wood isn’t wet.

Go for fuel wood. While fuel wood may take a while to ignite, it’s burns last longer.


3. Make Fire

Take the wood (preferably four pieces) and make a Teepee by placing 1 log on the bottom and 3 around it.
Take strands of paper (such as paper towels) and roll them. Once rolled, place three of them under the teepee and near the base wood. Finally,Light both ends fairly quickly and let this thing burn, baby.
Additionally, you may also add more paper as is needed.
Not only should you have some extra paper as needed, make sure to have a pitcher full of water just in case anything goes awry. You never know.
When trying to put out a fire, pour water onto it, but don’t dump water onto it, especially if you ever want to use it again.
And lastly, when pouring the water, stir the embers around to ensure water covers the whole fire.
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