Fireplace screens add extra allure to your fireplace and your living room as it prevents the burning wood and soot from escaping the fireplace and causing damage to your furniture, pets, kids and carpet. From a broader perspective, some customized versions of fireplace screens allow you to choose the exact variety you’re looking for based on your requirement. These screens take care of both the designer as well as the functional aspect of your fireplace.

Let’s take a look at how different types of fire screens can be beneficial for you.

Single Panel Fireplace Screen

Single panel fireplace screens offer a sleek and smart look to your fireplace. They occupy less space, are easy to handle and could be gently pushed and removed to adjust and load firewood.

Curved Panel Fireplace Screen

Curved fireplace screens certainly look dynamic and conventional, not only adding allure to your interiors but they also ensure extra coverage to your fireplace safety. They do not have legs and their curves give them support to remove and load firewood.

Folding Fireplace Screen

Folding fireplace screens are more convenient as they can be folded to load firewood and could be easily placed away during offseason. Also, its three-dimensional appearance gives it a classy appeal.

Child Guard Fireplace Screen

If you have kids running around at home, there is a risk of getting hurt by the fireplace and then child guard fireplace screens offer you just the right solution. They have extension panels and heavy duty gates to keep your child safe from fire.

Spark Guard Fireplace Screen

A fireplace is bound to create spark and flicker while burning wood or gas. So, this is a perfect screen to protect your floor, furnishings, kids and pets from catching fire. These fireplace screens can be easily removed with handles attached on frames and can last for many years. You can even order your customized version of fire screen suited to your taste and needs.

Picking Fireplace Screens

Fireplace screens are truly a wonderful way to protect your home and hearth provided you inspect and clean your fireplace regularly. They also accentuate your home decor keeping warmth and happiness flowing in abundance during the cold winter months. You can pick any fireplace screen to either fulfill a function, such as keeping you and your family safe or to fit your home design and make it even more beautiful.

To learn more about keeping your family safe during the holidays, consider a professional chimney sweep. Fill out the form today to learn more about how we can help you enjoy your beautiful fireplace safely and happily.