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Full Service Fireplace & Chimney Sweeping

At Sootmaster Fort Walton Beach, there is no such thing as being too thorough while sweeping your chimney. We take extra care to provide neat and detailed cleaning that paves the way for excellent overall benefits. During the fireplace and chimney sweep, we also look for anything that may have been missed during your previous chimney inspection, ensuring that your fireplace and chimney are not only clean but also safe. Get your annual chimney sweeping done by those you trust at Sootmaster.

Benefits from Annual Chimney Sweepings


Fire Prevention

Fireplaces create soot and creosote while burning wood. Creosote is extremely flammable and easily combustible in large amounts. Let Sootmaster sweep your chimney to avoid detrimental chimney fires and other damages that can derive from creosote.

Flue Protection

Increase the lifespan of your chimney flue liner and ensure the safety of your home with an annual cleaning by Sootmaster. The flue is the gateway that removes harmful toxins, smoke, and gas from your chimney. Not only can a dirty chimney cause fires from creosote build-up but it can also allow exhaust fumes into your home, leading to serious health concerns.

Heating Efficiency

A clogged and dirty chimney with an excessive amount of soot and creosote will hinder your fireplace from effectively heating your home. Let Sootmaster clean your chimney to ensure you have a home that is warm and comfortable, especially during the winter months.

Odor Prevention

During the warmer months, a smelly chimney is the most common sign that your chimney needs to be professionally cleaned. This smell can be the result of creosote, soot, animal obstructions, excessive moisture, or negative air pressure. Prevent chimney odors with an annual chimney sweeping with Sootmaster.

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