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With the best warranties in the industry, it’s no surprise why over the past 30 years of business we have had thousands of happy customers.

Chimney Repair and Inspections Birmingham

With over thirty years of experience, Sootmaster Chimney Repair Birmingham has been providing exceptional chimney services such as sweeping, inspection, water leak repair and prevention, flashing, and tuckpointing. With our experienced and certified team, we take pride in our work, That’s why we provide the best warranties in the industry. Below is a full list of services, please give us a call today at (205) 883-6062

Sootmaster Chimney Repair Birmingham Services

In addition to the recommended yearly sweep and inspection, we also offer a variety of expert services.

  • Fireplace Installations: Our Chimney Repair Birmingham team is comprised of skilled in fireplace installations such as ash dump doorswood stoves, and other local chimney services.
  • Water Leak Repairs: Water damage is the most common problem we repair in chimneys. If not fixed immediately, it can become worse and more expensive. We use FlashSeal, the best sealant in the market which completely stops the leak. Chimney caps and dampers can also stop the water from entering. You can be confident that we will fix your water leak problems because you don’t have to pay until the next big rain without a leak. Unlike other companies who will come out time and time again, we will only need one trip to stop the issue.
  • Animal Removal: Bats, birds, or raccoons, may take shelter in your flue system and bring babies with them. Not only can they destroy your chimney, but they may also enter your home and transfer respiratory disease through their waste. Birmingham’s Sootmaster team only practices humane animal removal. We can keep the animals out with a lock-top damper at the top of the flue lining.
  • Smoke Issues: If your fireplace is not drafting properly, the smoke is coming into your lungs and affecting your health. Our technicians are skilled in diagnosing the cause of the draft problem. Reducing the height of the chimney can prevent smoke from entering your home, so we may install a Smoke Guard to help it flow properly. Our chimney doctors can protect the health of your family and keep your chimney system drafting correctly.
  • Masonry Repairs: Sootmaster Chimney Repair Birmingham provides a variety of masonry chimney repairs including tuckpointingchimney flue repairflue relining, and more.
Chimney Sweep Birmingham

Explore Birmingham

Birmingham is full of places to explore. So while we’re working on your chimney, grab some grub, and enjoy the scenery. Explore Birmingham!

Birmingham Museum of Art

“This three-story museum houses an eclectic selection of art, including Wedgewood pottery, the largest collection of Asian art in the Southeast, Native American and African art, impressionism, contemporary art, and American landscapes.” –Tripadvisor

Birmingham Zoo

Programs at the Birmingham Zoo are almost too numerous to count, and there is something for every member of the familyand even more programs are being added. The 122-acre facility has approximately 700 animals of 230 species from every continent, except Antarcticaincluding sea lions, rhinos, and endangered species.” 

“We’re not so big that you feel like you missed something. We’re also not so small that you go through and in a halfhour are like, ‘Am I done?’, said Chris Pfefferkorn, who has been the zoo’s president and CEO since July 2018. “I think you could easily spend two or three hours here and have a great time Our guest experience can set that apart.


Sloss Furnaces

“Sloss Furnaces was once the largest manufacturer of pig iron in the world. It stands today just as it did in the late 19th century — a monument to the Industrial Revolution. With its web of pipes and towering stoves, this unique National Historic Landmark provides visitors a glimpse into Birmingham’s rich industrial heritage. It stands with pride and is a symbol of where the “Magic” began for Birmingham.” 

Sloss Furnaces

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