The fireplace is usually one of the most beautiful and luxurious parts of the home. The chimney however is probably the hardest work and the part that we can’t go without. These two important elements of the home have become very popular features nowadays. It not only adds up to the beauty of your home but also keeps the home warm during winter. Therefore a chimney inspection is needed for the chimney’s efficiency and to improve the heating system of your home. To keep chimneys and fireplaces healthy and operational, it is necessary to keep a check on their condition.

There are various companies online that offer chimney inspections. Chimney inspections are nothing but a proper check of chimney health. With a frequent and annual chimney check-up, you can increase the efficiency of your chimney. This inspection keeps your home and fireplaces safe and secure. It decreases the chance of any danger.

Why Chimney Inspection is Necessary?

The by-product of enjoying a fire is the build-up of creosote and soot which obstructs the airflow and damages the fireplace and chimney. Birds or debris can block your chimney anytime, regardless of whether it’s a gas chimney or a flue chimney.  So, it is important to get a chimney inspection done annually. There are many other harms you can face while not having a chimney inspection for a long time. So, you have to do the chimney inspection regularly. This will help you to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your fireplace chimney.

Qualities of Professional Chimney Cleaning

Chimney inspection covers many different services that can help you to clean the chimney, flue, and other types of cleaning and maintenance services.  A video inspection can also be arranged which may add extra charge but it can detect hidden damage. So, you could avoid a lot of damage by having a thorough chimney inspection done.

What does a Chimney Inspection Cover?

An annual chimney inspection looks for a build-up of residue and blockages which is followed by sweeping to remove debris and issues inhibiting its performance. An inspection covers the entire chimney, hearth, chimney flue, and other parts of the chimney. This inspection can cover all the cleaning parts which need to be swept so don’t forget to take the chimney inspection. There are three levels of chimney inspection which can help you to not only keep your home warm but safe and secure as well.

First Level of Chimney Inspection

This kind of chimney inspection is the visual check of your fireplace chimney. This includes the video and other inspections of your chimney, with the help of a flashlight or any kind of light they can highlight the presence of creosote and other damages and buildups in the chimney. If they find something like this, they will tell the client if sweeping is required and then they will sweep it with brushes.

Level-two Chimney Inspection

This kind of inspection is done where an earthquake or natural disaster has happened or if major changes have been made in the house or a new house has been bought. Second level chimney inspection also covers many inspection and maintenance areas of the fireplace chimney as well. This level of inspection also provides information on what kind of repair is needed.

The third level of Chimney Inspection

The third level of chimney inspection is very important as it is considered a “destructive and intrusive” level of inspection. This level of chimney inspection also resembles a demotion job. the best of all third level of chimney inspections could involve tearing down and rebuilding walls.

Select a Qualified Chimney Inspector

You have to hire a qualified chimney inspector with professional degrees and proof of their certification. As a homeowner, you may want to ask for references and warranty guarantees for the work provided. It would also be in your best interest to verify that their insurance policy is current and valid.

Ways to Properly Maintain Chimney and Fireplace

Clean the ash from the fireplace as they accumulate. Make sure the damper is open before lighting a fire. So, this way we can take care of our chimney and fireplace. And can maintain its health without spending and additional funds. If you are looking to hire the best and professional for chimney inspection you can contact us. Just make a call and we won’t let you down. We have the professionals who can do the chimney sweep, inspection, and all other cleanings and chimney related tasks. You can make an appointment with our team of professionals below.