Choking On Smoke When You Light Up A Fire? We’ll Figure Out What’s Causing Your Smoke Problem & Fix It!

Even if you enjoy the smell of smoke, you don’t want your entire home to reek of it for days after you have a fire in your fireplace. And you certainly don’t want it billowing into your home while you’re trying to relax with a good book or a full-bodied glass of wine. So what’s causing your smoke issue and what can be done to resolve it? Ask the Sootmaster!

Owner Patrick and his team have been troubleshooting and diagnosing smoky chimneys for years and we’re confident that, whatever the issue may be, the Sootmaster will get to the bottom of it.

Worried about it being an expensive fix? Smoke problems can be caused by the simplest things, and not all issues will require a big budget. Here are a few of the most common reasons homeowners experience smoky fireplace issues:

  • Dirty/Blocked Chimney. Dirty chimneys that are lined with ash, soot, and creosote or blocked by debris will naturally produce more smoke and send more of it back into your home. Why? Because airflow is restricted in these flues and they aren’t able to swiftly carry smoke up and out of the home. If a dirty chimney is behind your smoke issue, all you’ll need is a good chimney sweeping or creosote removal service to get you back in business.
  • Incorrect Flue Size. Did you know that the flue liner needs to be sized just right for the fireplace opening in order to effectively pull smoke up and out of the chimney? It’s true! If the flue is too big for the opening of the fireplace, it may need to be relined with a stainless steel liner, and if it’s too small, a hood or smoke guard may need to be added to the fireplace opening.
  • Cracks, Gaps, Or Holes In The Chimney Liner. A smooth, airtight surface is key to effective venting, so if damage has occurred along the walls of the chimney liner — leaving holes, cracks, and gaps — performance and draft will suffer. If the liner is damaged or you have holes and cracks in your smoke chamber, we can help eradicate the problem by repairing or relining the system.
  • Air Pressure. You may not have given it much thought, but your chimney requires a certain amount of air to achieve draft. With modern homes being so airtight (for energy efficiency reasons), a lack of air is a common cause of smoke issues. Try opening a window — if it alleviates the smoke issue, air pressure could be the culprit. Additionally, in order to achieve adequate draft, the chimney needs to stand high above the highest point of the roof. If chimney height or air pressure is the cause, we can lengthen your chimney or add a draft fan.

This list is by no means extensive, but these are some of the most common causes we find for smoky chimneys. No matter which is behind your smoke issue, you can count on the Sootmaster to resolve the issue fast and professionally. Request an appointment to have your smoke issue diagnosed by a team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals today.

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