Real Estate, Home & Insurance Inspections Provide Protection & Peace Of Mind

No one knows the workings and intricacies of the chimney system like a professional. We know where to look, how to look, and what to look for when assessing the safety, structural soundness, and efficiency of a chimney system. That’s why homeowners in the Florida panhandle and portions of Alabama and Mississippi call on us when they need to know exactly what’s going on with their chimney systems. Could you use a professional chimney inspection? Here are two of the most important times to schedule with a professional:

  • Real Estate/Home Inspections — Are you buying a home? Selling a home? Moving is stressful as is, without having to worry about protecting yourself as the seller or uncovering hidden dangers and costs as the buyer. Know for sure what condition the chimney and fireplace are in at the time of closing with a real estate/home inspection. Traditional home inspectors will give the chimney a once over, but they won’t check the interior of the flue with a video scan or provide as thorough an inspection as a chimney professional would. So for your peace of mind, your records, and your wallet, schedule a real estate inspection with a chimney professional before the key exchange.
  • Insurance Inspections — Did you have a chimney fire? Do you need help filing a claim and getting the insurance company to cover the cost of repairs or rebuild? We can help. We have the equipment needed to capture up-close images of any damage, and the industry expertise and knowledge to identify and label those findings, along with the needed repairs and their cost. Filing a claim can be simple and fast with Sootmaster.

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When it comes to your chimney’s condition, ignorance is not bliss — it’s dangerous! Let Sootmaster fill you in — schedule an inspection today by calling us or filling out our online appointment request form.

If you have any questions about our services or you’d like to schedule an appointment with the Sootmaster, give us a call.You can find your local Sootmaster for your area via our area service page. Or you can just request an appointment through our online scheduling form right here on our website and we’ll send a first-class chimney professional right to your door. We’re here to help our neighbors in Pensacola and beyond in any way we can!


Let the pros at Sootmaster perform their thorough chimney and fireplace inspections on a regular basis to make sure there are no hidden problems in your chimney system. All of our chimney and fireplace services will get your chimney back in tip-top shape.

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