Pinpoint Problems & Prevent House Fires With Annual Chimney & Fireplace Inspections

You want your fireplace or stove to bring you evening after evening of comfort and enjoyment. But what happens when damage, creosote buildup, or other dangers are present? Would you even know? Most homeowners wouldn’t and don’t know, because much of the chimney system is hidden from plain view. That’s why industry safety leaders like the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) both recommend annual inspections — inspections allow professionals to really get in there and see what’s going on. 

The team here at Sootmaster specializes in all three levels of inspection:

  • Level one is performed without the aid of any specialized tools and is recommended when things are working as always, without change.
  • Level two is suggested when there’s been a change, like a new liner, a new homeowner, a new appliance, a new fuel type, a strong storm or chimney fire, or a new problem or performance issue. This level of inspection may require some basic tools, and will also include a video scan of the chimney interior. Because of the extent of a level two inspection and its ability to provide close-up images of damage, these inspections are oftentimes referred to as real estate, home, or insurance inspections
  • Level three is suggested only when a level two inspection suggests a deeper, hidden problem that it would be otherwise impossible to get to the bottom of. A level three can sometimes involve the removal of firebox panels, chimney crowns, walls, and other components of the chimney system and home, which is why it’s considered a last resort.

Whether you’re buying or selling a house, you suspect damage, or you just want to make sure your chimney and fireplace are free of blockages, damage, and other dangers, you can count on Sootmaster to provide a thorough and informative inspection. We’ll show you photos of any findings and explain, not just the problems we find (if any), but our recommended steps for repair and restoration.

Wouldn’t you rather know that your chimney is in good working condition and ready to be safely enjoyed this season, instead of just hoping for the best? We would too! So before you light that first fire, give us a call. Don’t put off your annual inspection — give Sootmaster a call or request an appointment to have your system inspected from top to bottom.

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If our chimney inspections reveal some furry or feathered friends living in your chimney, don’t worry! We’re experts at humane animal removal. That’s just one of the many chimney and fireplace services we provide that you can always count on!

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