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Do you need to restore your clay tile? HeatShield® Cerfractory foam can handle any job

In order to avoid having to replace a chimney flue, HeatShield Cerfractory foam offers a great alternative. Using HeatShield®, any gaps or holes in clay tile liners are filled and the flue surface is smoother, insulated, and airtight. In addition to filling gaps, holes, and cracks, it also protects against heat transfer as well as heat, moisture, and acid corrosion.
Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? It’s not! As a result of its proven performance, we are confident in its ability to restore and repair your flue liner. Here are a few things you need to know about HeatShield®.

How HeatShield® Works To Restore Chimney Liners

So what’s the HeatShield Cerfractory foam and restoration process like?

  1. We start by prepping the area in need of repair, regardless of whether we’re resurfacing your entire flue or simply repairing a tile.
  2. We then apply the product, going over the area with a foam applicator blade specifically designed to fit your flue. This foam blade works to smooth the product evenly over the surface, seal and fill any cracks, gaps, or holes, and ensure a job well done.
  3. Once the product has been applied, we perform a video inspection. We use cameras to inspect every chimney flue both before and after we restore and repair with HeatShield Cerfractory foam. You won’t have to worry about simply taking our word that the repairs have been made. You’ll be able to see exactly what was done — and you’ll have a copy for your records.


Is your flue liner in need of some repair or restoration work?

We’ll come out to inspect your chimney liner and discuss our findings and recommendations with you. We’re prompt, up-front, honest, and professional, and we guarantee quality work and a clean home. Call us today at 888-768-0818 and request an appointment. We’re committed to your satisfaction and safety!


Ask The Sootmaster If HeatShield® Is The Best Option For You!

Is your flue liner showing signs of wear and tear, or do you suspect it needs restoration? Reach out to us for a thorough inspection and expert recommendations. Our team is known for its promptness, honesty, professionalism, and commitment to quality work. Your satisfaction and safety are our top priorities. Contact us today at 888-768-0818 to schedule an appointment, and let us help you get the most out of your chimney system!

HeatShield Cerfractory Foam The Restoration Process: Wondering how the HeatShield® repair and restoration process works? It’s a meticulous and effective procedure:

  1. Preparation: Our chimney professionals start by thoroughly preparing the areas in need of repair. Whether it’s resurfacing the entire flue or addressing specific tile issues, we ensure the surface is ready for the HeatShield® application.
  2. Application: We then apply the HeatShield® product, using a foam applicator blade designed to fit your specific flue. This blade ensures even coverage, seals cracks and gaps, and fills any holes. It’s a critical step in achieving a seamless and effective repair.
  3. Video Inspection: Transparency is key, so we perform a comprehensive video inspection both before and after the HeatShield® restoration. Our cameras provide a detailed view of your chimney flue’s condition, showcasing the repairs made. You won’t have to rely solely on our word – you’ll have visual proof of the work performed.
Sootmaster Chimney Sweep & Repair
Sootmaster Chimney Sweep & Repair
Sootmaster Chimney Sweep & Repair
Sootmaster Chimney Sweep & Repair

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